Looking for Heroes

Looking for Heroes is a project dedicated to sharing empowering stories of everyday people. Founded by Alex Pawlowska, the project was born out of the need for more inspiring stories, out of need for finding a hero within and taking charge of one’s dreams.

I believe that everybody has a story to share, everybody has something to teach and that we can and that we should be our own heroes. I find that the courage we see in others, we can also find in ourselves, and stories help with that.


We are our own heroes
when we decide to say yes to ourselves and our ideas
We are our own heroes
when we hear no and instead of denying ourselves the power to create
we say to ourselves:
I am going to make it happen anyway
We are our own heroes
when even though our chest is filled with pain
we move forward step by step towards a better tomorrow
We are our own heroes
when we decide to love ourselves
with everything we have been through
with all the scars
with all the challenges
When we marvel at our own beauty
at our own strength
at our own persistence
at who we are as people
We are our own heroes
when we use our voice
even when it’s shaking
when we hold ourselves accountable
for what we bring into this world
We are our own heroes
every time we give love
give help
every time we heal
ourselves and others
every time we listen
With every prayer
With every moment of looking inwards
With every string of courage
We change the world for the better
We are, after all our own heroes

With lots of love,


Founder, Alex