Looking for HeroesHi!

I am Alex and I am the founder of Looking for Heroes. I started this project when I wanted my life to be different. I needed more positivity in my life and wanted to finally bring my passion for writing about people to life. After a few years of applying for journalists internship, I decided to use social media to fulfil my dream and stop waiting for someone to say yes to me and say yes to myself, instead.

Things that I believe in:

  • Everybody is a hero in a sense and every person has a story to share, something to teach
  • We are all interconnected
  • Sometimes we need to be our own heroes
  • We are changing the world by leading the example
  • By being ourselves and following our destinies, we inspire the world

I hope that on these pages you will find something for yourself wether it is someone who inspires you, hope in humanity or maybe a motivation to fulfil the dream you are hiding within.

Here is to us,

Here is to everyday heroes,

Here is to our stories.