4 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Mum

Travelling with my mum was one of the best decisions I ever made. We talked about travelling together for a long time. We decided the time is now!

In August 2016 I took a month off work and travelled across the United States with my retired mum, and here are 4 reasons why I would encourage you to travel with your mum too. 

1. Your relationship will become stronger

Not only because of the amount of selfies you will take (they will be useful later to jog your memory), but mostly because of the quality time that you will be able to spend together. You will get to ask all the questions you always wanted to ask and learn a great deal about each other.

2. You will be able to take care of your mum

Mums look out for us our whole lives. Travelling together is one of these situations where it is you who can take care of your mum. And it is a great feeling!

Whenever my mum goes travelling she always travels with organised tours, so it meant a lot to her to have a private guide this time (the guide was very happy too).

  Me and my on my fourth birthday

Me and my on my fourth birthday

3. You can show your mum places she never thought she would see

One of the biggest moments for me during our trip was seeing how important this trip was for my mum. When my mum was growing up, Poland was a communist country and travelling abroad was almost impossible. When we were walking through New York my mum said to me "I still can’t believe that we are actually here. Travelling to the United States was always something that felt out of reach to me.” At that moment I realised how important this was for my mum, and I felt blessed that I could experience this with her.

  My mum at Venice Beach in LA

My mum at Venice Beach in LA

4. You will make great memories together...

and these are priceless since no one will be able to take them away from you. 

Me and my mum took tonnes of pictures and even made a movie from our trip that was published in The Huffington Post, Lonely Planet, POPSUGAR and all over the world from Korea to Brazil.

Here is to mums!

Have you ever travelled with your mum? If not where would you go?

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