The Twins

Meet Chiamaka and Ebele. They are 21 years old and are twin sisters. Chi and Ebs think that having a twin is like having double of one person. You always have someone that is there for you and with whom you can share a part of your life with. It is like living with your best friend. To us, at first it is hard to tell them apart, but there are a lot of physical differences. When they look at each other they see someone completely different. It is only when they look at pictures of themselves that they see how similar they are. They also have different characters and interests. However, these aren't obvious to everyone around as people very often confuse them for one another.

Both Chi and Ebs are creative people. Chi is a graphic designer and Ebs is a fashion designer. They started a blog called Chi and Ebs, which is a visual diary about themselves: their style, life, what they do and what they like. They have always enjoyed dressing well and they borrow stuff from each other on a daily basis.

It is important to have someone to share your life with. Who is your someone?

To check out Chi and Ebs on Instagram @chiandebs

Chi is 8 minutes older than her twin Ebs. When they were younger Chi used to jokingly say "I'm older than you so I get first pick" but she has never actually felt like she was older than Ebs.

When Chi and Ebs were babies Chi started walking before Ebs. Their mum remembers that Ebs would just sit and watch Chi walking all day. One day, Ebs just got up and walk fast across the room.

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