Londoners Talk About Happiness

Since starting Looking for Heroes I have interviewed hundreds of people all over the world.

I have stopped people on the streets of London, Madrid, Paris, Hong Hong, Tokyo and across the United States. They came from diverse places, like Lithuania to Pakistan, Argentina to South Korea. They were of different ages, ranging from 3 to 91 years old and were all of different religions and faiths.

They all had different journeys in life, believed in different things and came from vastly different backgrounds. Yet when they talked to me about their dreams, what’s important to them in life and what makes them happy, all these differences didn't matter. 

I made this short movie about happiness to show that what we have in common with one another is more important than what divides us.

"Happiness to me is when people can live together and love each other" - Rocky Campbell, 69

"Always put a smile on your face even if you're not happy, that's what I do." - Natalie, 33

"Everyone should be happy, even animals should be happy, the whole planet should be happy!" - Millie, 29

"Always think positive, don't think negative at all. Everything happens for a reason, so just don't be afraid, just go for it and try to smile." - Amjad, 25

"We're not all rich, we're not all very very healthy, but we have to be in the moment and enjoy what we have." - Selma, 39

"I want peace in the world, I want the wars to end and everyone to respect each other." - Ahmed, 60 years old