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Bringing Positive Change With Andrew & Ashley

Bringing Positive Change With Andrew & Ashley


“My aspiration is to be in the government somehow, to make a positive change. I see the things I don’t like and everyone is always talking about changing them but someone just has to do it. I don’t like how the system is set up for the homeless people. I do a lot of volunteering with the homeless and I don’t like how they are pushed to the side and how they have to take care of themselves. A lot of them go to jail to at least get free food and a place to stay. I think we should do something.”

~ Andrew, 22 @dirtyafropuff



“I would like to change people’s outlooks on life and on other people’s living. I feel like there are a lot of close-minded people and things could be different if people were more open-minded. I feel that could make a difference.”

~ Ashley, 22 @soashleynicole



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