Empowering people to be their own heroes by Alex Pawlowska

We are launching an ethical fashion line!

We are launching an ethical fashion line!

On 03.03.2020 we launched The Power Collection on Kickstarter – a line that aims to do fashion in a meaningful way.

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Almost 3 years ago I came back from work one day and decided to put an idea that was bubbling in my mind on paper I grabbed some sticky notes and put into writing what I would call The Power Collection I knew that the way we produce and consume fashion does not work for anybody Lack of transparency Unsustainable practises Mistreatment of the workers Many women still not feeling represented by the media globally and feeling anxious about reaching unrealistic beauty standards Retouched images I thought all of this doesn’t make sense I thought that there must be a better way I wanted to make fashion in a meaningful way I wanted empowerment and possibilities for positive impact to be woven into everything into every step into every decision After hundreds of days in the making hours of work figuring things out dreaming The Power Collection will be launched on Kickstarter this March I hope you will fall in love with this idea as much as I have Here is to dreaming always dreaming and saying yes to those dreams Courageously and boldly – The exact day of the launch to be announced soon Stay tunedđź’• With love, Alex

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Everything started with a vision
of turning Looking for Heroes
into a social enterprise
that challenges what I knew
doesn’t work about fashion
and that has empowerment
woven into its fabric
every step of the way
not just in one part
or the other
but all the way through

Saying yes to ideas that come to us is an adventure
In the upcoming days before the launch
I will be sharing with you behind the scenes of creating The Power Collection
You will get to know
women who make these clothes and their stories
where our production is
where materials are made
and the backstage of photoshoots
I can’t wait to share with you where this adventure took me

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