Location reveal: where do we produce our clothes?

Location reveal: where do we produce our clothes?

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When I wrote down the idea for The Power Collection, I knew exactly what I wanted it to be. I set the bar high without fully knowing how I am going to make it happen. My heart said yes to this idea, fully, and on some level I knew that somehow, things are going to come together. – One of the key things for me was that these clothes create social impact. I wanted them to create opportunities where they were needed. Since I didn't have any connections, I spent hours researching and reading about ethical fashion providers. After reaching out to a few places, I finally found a production that I felt really connected to. On the 10th of March 2018 I embarked on the journey to visit Delhi in India and by that time we exchanged 100 emails finalising details. I wanted to meet the people who will make our clothes, see where the materials are being made and how, and I wanted you to be able to see and know all these things too. – For many reasons, I was nervous as this trip was one of the milestones of bringing The Power Collection to life.  How will everything go?, I wondered.  Will I be good at this?, I asked.  How will the photoshoot go?  How will the meetings go?  I hoped I wouldn't miss anything or mess anything up. I had all these questions and knew that the only way of getting the answers was to jump, was to try and find out for myself. – I had some time to explore Delhi and Taj Mahal and this is a snapshot of that experience.  In the next days you will get to know more details about the production, who makes our clothes and how ethical fashion can be positively changing people's lives. – Lot's of love, Alex – Music: 2099 by @cultsmusic

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