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Meeting the People of Hong Kong

Meeting the People of Hong Kong

They say it doesn’t matter where you are, it matters who are you with. Places become different when we get to know the people who live in them.

These are the people I met in Hong Kong.

Meet Jenna Tamara, a flight attended with passion for travelling.

“What is the most precious to me in life is my relationship with God and my loved ones.” ~ Jenna Tamara

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“Travelling has given me the chance to be outside my comfort zone and to see an even bigger picture of so many things. I’ve learned that by seeing more, I’m more and more grateful for what I have in life. I’m even prouder of who I am, knowing that I’m blessed abundantly in so many ways. I’m proud of being Indonesian, seeing more outside my country makes me realise how great Indonesia is, how lovely the people are – the things I wasn’t able to see before.” ~ Jenna Tamara

Spotted on the streets of Hong Kong

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Meet Mr Magic Miracles, a 63 year-old removals man and a self-thought healer who received his nickname after curing a very rare medical condition.

“He was told by his doctor he was incurable. He took 24 panadol to kill pain everyday. After seeing me his problem was gone. He told me to change my name to Miracles and I asked him why? He said if you change your name to miracles people will hear your name and they will know what you’re doing for them. It was a very good reason so I had no reason to reject. Since that day I changed my name to Miracles.”

Over 30 years ago, Mr Magic Miracles was asked by his best friend to help him with a serious back ache. He didn’t study medicine, he learnt by experience. He uses nothing else but his hands to heal. After his first success more people heard about him and in over 30 years he says he helped hundreds of people. Apart from being a healer he also removes stuff from houses. What makes him happy? Helping people.

Meet Roland and Erny

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“Do you have any regrets in life?”, I asked Roland.
“Maybe, but that’s not one of the categories. Regrets mean you have to think about the past. Maybe you want to correct the past and nobody can correct the past. Unless there is a repetition of something from the past in the future. You learn to face the present, than you grow up a little bit, you learn a little bit more, you do something more cleverly than maybe you get some satisfaction but it is all in the future. I don’t look for the past. What your future is is what you do today.” ~ Roland, 70 years-old

Erny is from Indonesia. When I stopped her on the streets of Hong Kong she was in a hurry. “I just go to my Mamas house” she told me, but agreed to pose for the portrait.

Meet Yumi Tang, a 28 years-old clerk who loves dancing and dreams of performing in a big hall. 

Meet Sasi Gopalan who dreams of travelling with his wife before he dies

“My life is very difficulty. I was studying in India around matriculation. Matriculation means 10 class – 1 to 10. After I going to capital of India, New Delhi, there I was learning about cooking and in 1989 I came in Hong Kong and still working in Hong Kong. We are wife and two son, one son is 25 years old and other 8 years old. My father have 7 children so no very good income at home so very difficult to menage many things. Maybe food, maybe clothes, my education also not very very well because no one helping, not enough from my father income. I am alone here, my family is in India.
~Sasi Gopalan, 59

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