Unashamed – Meeting Leah V

Unashamed – Meeting Leah V

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I had an honour of meeting this beautiful soul recently, named Leah @lvernon2000. Outspoken, powerful, strong, courageously honest, allowing people to see her for who she is. Leah is a woman building her own dreams, brick by brick. Activist, artist and an author, in a note to her younger self that she recently shared on her Instagram, she expresses gratitude for her own resilience, for bravery to walk her own path. “Although it saddens me that you found everything wrong with your face. Your smile. The color of your skin. The hijab on your head. The thickness of your body. Although you found purity in whiteness. In racial ambiguity. In greenish blue eyes. In long wavy hair. In thinness. In long legs and straight teeth. You believed so hard that you could attain a body that was never yours, a body that you seen on TV that got the sexy guy at the end, the body that was placed on the cover of magazines, and the body who was never hidden or the funny sidekick. The only addition to the main thin girl. You allowed body dysmorphia. Society. Frenemies. Yourself to dictate how ugly you were. Every waking moment you called yourself ugly. Ugly. You couldn’t even look in the mirror. You didn’t even think that beauty was attainable. But, even through all of that, I would not be who I am today without her. Even though she got shit for expressing herself as a Muslim. As a Black girl. As a fat person. She still persisted. She wore those colors that her friends told her to never wear. She took chances that Muslims told her to never take. She pushed past body dysmorphia even on the days where she couldn’t find the beauty in anything. I’m so grateful to her. I’m grateful that although broken and beaten, she was brave.” – Music: Tour Guide by @peter_fenn

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More Leah: https://www.instagram.com/lvernon2000/

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