The Pants Project with Tasha Bishop

The Pants Project with Tasha Bishop

Having experienced a time when I felt as far from femininity and womanhood as possible, it was pants that saved me: a pair of underwear that made me feel invincible. I truly feel, with every fibre of my being, that women (and men!) deserve to feel beautiful, powerful, capable and strong every single day – with absolutely no qualifiers. Infertility, gender, sexual orientation, background, money, job, mental health or any other kind of issues are things that effect each of us differently, daily. For me, it’s about finding a small symbol of strength – a piece of everyday armour – that can keep us going through the darkest of times. For me, that was pants and in creating The Pants Project, I wanted to share that power with the world.”@tashajanebishop, the founder of @wearethepantsproject









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